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Why we recommend CARBON* water purification:

1. Filters out:          read here about chromium 6 in 75% US water

    aluminum     cadmium        copper       lead           parasites            VOC's (45)

    arsenic*       chlorine          cysts          mercury     trihalomethanes

    bacteria       chromium-6    fluoride*     nitrates      viruses

2. Removes:

    foul taste/odors       rust        sediment       silt

3. Can filter rainwater, pond water, etc . . . a necessity if there is a power failure, natural disaster, etc.).

4. Carbon* filters last for 6000 gallons: fluoride filters for 1000 gallons.

5. Exceeds NSF (National Safety Foundation) standards.

6. Works by gravity and therefore doesn't need electricity.

7. Very affordable + free shippping for orders over $25.

8. One time investment . . . you will NEVER EVER have to buy bottled water again.

* carbon water purification = Berkey             ** via fluoride/arsenic filter    

Suggested uses for carbon* water filtration:

Home            Lake cottage                 Electricity outage

Cabins          Camping                        Hunting (no more boiling water)

Dorms           Natural Disaster (can purify almost any water source)

*carbon water purification = Berkey