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Dead bees - Brazil


Dead bees - Pyrennes, France


Dead bees - Spain




Mass Bee Die-Offs

For mass bee die-offs click here (without bees, we have 4 years left to live)

131 mass bee events in 30 countries between 2013 and 2015



53% honeybees die in Comarca Lagunera, Mexico


Millions of honeybees die in Santander, Columbia


Hundreds of thousands of bees die in Taipa, Mangonui, New Zealand.


Millions of bees die in Tyrol, Italy.


Massive die-off of bees in past 2 weeks in various parts of Spain.

50% bees die-off in last 3 years on large farm in Arkansas.



150 Hives die off 'due to use of pesticides' in Cundinamarca Department, Colombia.


Thousands of Bees Found Dead in Carpinteria, California, America.


Masses of bees dead 'due to neonicotinoids' in Eschen, Liechtenstein.


Masses of bees are dying off in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


550,000 bees found dead in a bee farm in Leicester, England.

5 Mass bee die offs during the past week in Portland, America.

3,000+ Bee Colonies dead due to chemicals on farmers fields in Cherkasy, Ukraine.

2.5 million bees die off during the winter in a farm in Ohio, America.


Beekeeper experiences 100 percent die off of his bees in Vollezele, Belgium.

Millions of bees killed by storm in Shangzhou District, China.

Large die off of bees in Zhengzhou, China.

42 percent of honeybees died off between April 2014 - April 2015 in America.

Massive die off of bees, over 20 beekeepers lose nearly entire stock in Comrat, Moldova.

'Massacre' of the bees is a 'mystery' in Cremona, Italy.

Massive die off of bees due to pesticides in Souss, Morocco.

Mass die off of bees after spraying orchards in Sagunto, Spain.


Massive die off of bees due to volcanic ash in Los Lagos, Chile.

100,000+ bees have died in Dundee, Oregon, America.

Mass die off of bees 'suddenly' in Jinan, China.

15,000 Honey bees dead 'due to pesticides' in Seyhan, Turkey.

Millions of bees dead after truck accident in Washington, America.

Millions of bees dead after road accident in Saussenac, France.

4 Bee hives all dead in a Botanical garden in Seclin, France.


150,000+ bees found dead in Wormhout, France.

'Massacre' - 90 percent of 127 beehives died off this winter near Montauban, France.

Hundreds of thousands of bees have died off in Loire-Atlantique, France.

Mass die off of bees has hit colonies in Cherves-Richemont, France.

35 percent of bee colonies have died off during winter in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.


40 percent of bees have died off during the past year in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy.

140 bee hives have died off 'due to pesticides' in Calasparra, Spain.

50 bee hives destroyed in Monteria, Colombia.


2014 Massive Bee Deaths (79 mass death events in 21 countriesread here


hundreds of bumblebees dropping dead under trees in Notteroy, Norway

160,000 bees mysteriously die in Gomel, Belarus

tens of thousands of bees dying in Westport, Massachusetts