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    Shopping Tips

Ace Hardware has military strength paracord for about $5-$6

Target has various small zippered bags for kits and empty plastic bottles, including spray bottles for essential oil mixtures or whatnot in the shampoo / make-up section

Harbor Freight has large scissors for 99 cents

Dollar store has medical, dental  and tool supplies (for can openers, get a quality one somewhere else)

Aldi's has cheaper food items

Wal Mart has a lot of items at fairly good prices: an emergency kit for $39 (candles, hand warmers, propane, 1st aid kit, glow sticks, etc.), hand warmers for 74¢, blood stoppage spray or crystals, 100-hour liquid candle, compass + carabiner for $3, flour sacks (for slings, towels), small colorful flashlights (for kids backpacks, bedside, etc.) for $1

*** we do not endorse any of the above stores (in fact, 1 we do not shop at any more)




Bug Out Bags

Includes: Berkey sports bottle, 2 light sticks, SOL emergency blanket and survival instructions , emergency waterproof fire starter and striker, Gerber multi-tool, 90 servivngs of food, etc.