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GMO song & video - Just Label It

2015 Food Revolution Summit

Begins April 25

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Learn from 25 of the Top Food Experts on the Planet

-90% all cancers linked to dietary & environment factors

-Learn more about grass-fed and "humanely raised
- Unhealthy American diet triples chance of Alheimers
-Learn about factory farms breeding antibiotic resistant bacteria

-What are the diets of the healthiest, longest living people groups on earth

- Crazy stuff going on in the food industry

- And a lot more








GMO Heads Up

Fruit Loops are 100% GMO

Hot Pockets

Juices - Capri Sun Juices, Fruitopia, Fruit Works, Gatorade, Hawaiian Punch, Hi-C, Kool Aid, Ocean Spray, Squeeze It, Tang juices, Tropicana Twisters, V8

Popular Breakfast Cereals test posivitve for heavy metals:  Corn Flakes, Froot Loops w/Marshmallows, Heart to Heart, Honey Bunches of O's, Kix, etc.  read here

Simple Truth brand

Vitamin Water - read here