Healthy Pathways

Back to basics . . . simply & naturally!



1. Pray more . . . pray more fervently (especially Psalm 91 which is protection, including for plagues!; pray it here)

2. Turn off the TV (see above)

3. Buy a folder to gather (see #4):

    - information

    - lists

    - websites

    - products you've found

4. See shopping tips (stores & prices) here

5. 'Must haves' to research multiple uses and have on hand: 

   a. apple cider vinegar

   b. baking soda

   c. coconut oil

   d. honey (raw and unpasteurized)

   e. tea tree oil



Helpful Books

Ebola Survival Handbook

How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It by James Wesley Rawles

SAS Survival Handbook by John Wiseman

The Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery

The Pantry Primer by Daisy Luther

The Prepper's Blueprint by Tess Pennington

The Survival Emergency Handbook by Joseph Alton, MD & Amy Alton ARNP

Urban Emergency Survival by Jim Cobb





Helpful Tips 4 Preppers

1. Make a list of what's in your bug-out-bags (in time of chaos, you might not remember you have an item or which bag it's in; when making new purchases you might not remember you already have something . . . yes, I am over 55)

2. Start a folder/notebook for information you've collected - see column at left (include in your BOB)

3. Learn 1 or more new skills:

  - candle or soap making

  - knitting or crocheting

  - canning or dehydrating

  - gardening or farming

  - raise some chickens

  - weaving clothes or baskets

4. Plant trees (fruit and/or nut)

5. Plan a location to meet in time of chaos/danger

6. Have a trial 24 hrs without electricity or water

7. Network with other preppers in your community to be able to share skills and resources

8. Last minute shopping - keep in mind 'must haves' and where you'll go to get them in case of last minute crisis/emergency.  For food, think 'protein' (nuts & seeds, canned or fresh meats and seafood, cheese and eggs).  Also water, flashlights/candles, emergency radio, batteries, blankets are basic necessities to grab.

9. Do-it-yourself 1st Aid Kit:

 - bandages (feminine pads & cosmetic removal rounds can be used)

 - bandaids (including butterfly)

 - gloves and masks

 - medical tape (paper, cloth, plastic or silk)

 - hot & cold packs chemical activated (dollar store)

 - ibuprofen for pain, fevers & inflammation (tylenol is hard on liver)

 - blood stopping med (WalMart camping section)

 - ace bandage

 - flour sack towels or lg bandanas for slings

10. Google and print out information/lists on the benefits of any of the following:

    - honey

    - baking soda

    - coconut oil (click)

    - essential oils (esp. tea tree oil)

    - garlic

    - home remedies (ex: toothaches, bee stings) read more

    - honey & cinnamon

    - onions

    - paracord uses

    - uses for toothpaste

    - vinegar

    - witch hazel

11. Bargain shopping ---> 99 Dollar Store specials see here

     - except bleach (cheaper elsewhere)

     - Skippy (hydrogenated oils are killers)

     - try Michaels for glow sticks (cheaper)

     - watch out for batteries (cheap ones might leak)

     - skip the seeds ---> buy heirloom seeds or save your organic seeds from your organic produce

     - watch expiration dates