Healthy Pathways

Back to basics . . . simply & naturally!



Think Outside the Box

Print out new information and instructions; keep in notebook/folder.

Some skills you might want to learn more about:

* building fires

* candle making

* dehydrating food

* farming (ie raising chickens; milking a goat or cow)

* gardening (and how to store vegetables in winter)

* how to grind wheat

* knitting and crocheting

* making a shelter

* planting & maintaining fruit trees

* soap making

 * weaving baskets & fabric

HOW TO . . .

1. build a wood burning stove out of tire rims: more here

2. dehydrate food - click here

3. find edible plants - click here

4. make hot water without electricity or solar - click here

5. purify radioactive water - click here

6. refrigerate food without electricity - click here

7. start a fire for heat and/or light

    a. via friction, heat or sparksclick here

    b. metal can heater video - uses a can, toilet paper & rubbing alcohol - click here or here

    c. jumbo stack heat air fan video - uses a can, a vent & a fan (battery fan) - click here

8. store oven canned foods - click here