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Top 10 volanoes most likely to erupt read here

4/26 - 5 tornadoes spotted in 4 states


California:                        * 4 yr drought                  * 5500 wildfires

5 natural doctors found dead, 5 more missing, read more

9 shark attacks off east coast (has God removed His protection from the US?)

A natural disaster has affected every US region since 2011


Napa Valley Earthquake

Florida flood

South/East Coast Winter Storm

Florida flood


Rim fire

Colorado flood

Moore, OK tornado


Hurrincane Sandy

Utah wildfire


East coast earthquake

Hurricane Irene

Record-breaking tornadoes

Central & Eastern US blizzard

Can you read the signs of the times?

Hosea 4:3 ...'Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away.'


- Christians persecuted & martyred (beheaded); ISIS spotted in deli in Houston, Texas read more

- Ebola plague

- seismic rumblings

- blood moons

- harbinger: tree at Ground Zero doesn't survive - despite attempts, the Tree of Hope dies & is silently removed  read more

- earthquakes

- brain eating amoeba

- sinkholes

- wars & rumors of war

- droughts

- flash flooding

- civil unrest

- satanic mass in public

- famine

- tsunamis

- tornadoes & hurricanes

- etc.







In the News


October 9

Cholera outbreak and airstrike in Yemen

trail derails east of NYC injuring 33

October 8

hurricane Matthew moves through Florida, Georgie, South and North Carolina killing 14

October 5

demon face appears in hurricane Matthew weather radar see here

October 4

Putin calls NATO to step down &orders 40 million to underground bunkers from Oct 4-7

hurricane Matthew touches down in Haiti, 900 killed & 90% south Haiti destroyed

September 29

trail derails in Hoboken, New Jersey, killing 1 and injuring 100

September 23

Chromium-6, a known carcinogen, found in 75% US water

   read more here

   order a Berkey water purifier here which removes heavy metals including chromium-6

5 shot dead in Washington mall

September 21

US dollar decreases after Federal Reserve statement

Volcano erupts in Costa Rico

Fire causes total blackout in Puerto Rico

Protesting violence in North Carolina leaves 1 dead

Chromium 6 a known carcinogen found in southeast Wisconsin water

September 17-18

Stabbings in St. Cloud, Minnesota Mall

Bombings in Manhattan and New Jersey

September 11

Presidential candidate H. Clinton collapses into van when leaving 9-11 site.

September 7

Siberian river Daldykan turns blood red

July 5

Hillary NOT to be prosecuted DESPITE lieing and negligence to national security

Iran warns 100,000 missiles aimed at Israel

Super bacteria in Rio water

80 died in India/Pakistan flooding

suicide bombers hit 3 cities in Saudia Arabia, killing 4

July 2

20 hostages in Bangladesh killed

July 1

end of ban on military transgenders

June 29

bloodbath in Instanbul, 3 bombers blow themselves up

June 25

Britain votes to leave EU

14 dead in WEst Virginia flooding

lightning strikes kill 120 in India

June 24

theater gunman killed in Germany

June 19

another Voice contestant, Alejandro Fuentes Rosas killed

June 16

41 yr old Parliament lawmaker, Jo Cox shot & stabbed in England

    * * Orlando, Florida between June 10 & June 14 * *

June 14

Nebraska toddler, Lane Graves attacked & killed by gator at DisneyWorld

June 12

103 shot, 50 died at gay bar

June 10

ex-Voice contestant, Christina Grimmie shot and killed

April 16

7.8 earthquake in Ecuador - 654 killed

April 15

7.3 earthquake in Japan - 48 dead + many injured

April 14

6.5 earthquake in Japan

January 24

7.1 earthquake in southern Alaska

Popocatepetl volcano (Mexico) shows signs of erupting

January 22

blizzard in east from Georgia to New York plagues the east

  * 25 - 40 inches of snow with 11 states declaring state of emergency and 14 deaths

  * Prolife March and shuts down DC

  * stranded travelers

  * power outages


December 10

Scientist who exposed GMO-related tumor growth vindicated in court after being smeared ith libel by Monsanto read here

December 9 

Deadly soil fungus spreading globally (threaten banana crops) read here

November 18

Trace levels of radioactive Cesuim-137 from Fukushima now being detected in Florida citrus fruit read here

Italy's top olive oil companies come under fire for defrauding customers with inferior oils read here

Houston residents told to boil contaminated water read here

October 26

7.5 earthquake in Afghanistan, Pakistan 7 India (150+ dead)

5 Britons die when whale watching boat capsizes off Canadian coast

5 Chinese warships within 12 miles of US Pacific coastline wile president & other world leaders holding meetings on global security onshore

October 25

train derailed due to flash flooding in Texas

October 24

Hurricane Patricia hits Mexican cost

October 20

NATO & allies launced largest military exercise in more than 10 yrs.

Texas defunds Planned Parentood

October 19

month long battle between Israelis & Palestinians continues

October 6

California becomes 5th state to legalize euthanasia

Oklahoma governor removes 10 Commandment display on capitol grounds during middle of the night

October 5

9 dead due to flooding in South Carolina

October 4

flooding at French Riviera kills 19

October 1

152 killed in Guatemala mudslide

10 killed at Portland community college, including gunman

Marijuana is now legal in Portland

September 30

Russia bombs Middle East

principal shot at South Dakota High School

September 29

Super-typhoon Dujuan ravages Taiwan - 1/2 million without power

US starts bombing Kunduz area day after city taken by Taliban

135 killed, mostly women and children as wedding party bombed in Yemen

September 19

Pentagon updates contingency plans with "potentially aggressive Russia" read more

September 14

California wildfire kills 1; 400 homes scorched; 1000's evacuated

September 13

Al Quaeda inciting jihadists to begin attacks on America

Governor declares State of Emergency in Northern California

10,000 acre blaze in California, 4 firefighters injured

September 12

assisted suicide bill passes California senate

September 11 (911 anniversary)

severe storms, tremendous lightening caused scaffolding collapse which killed over 100 in Mecca (holiest site of Islam)

pentagon labs may have mishandled plague bacteria  . . . hmmm

September 10 (eve of 911)

double rainbow over World Trade Center in NYC

Iran also has sent troops to Syria

Russia sent military ships & weapons to Syria, including the world's largest nuclear submarine

September 4

Chinese war ships within 12 miles of US shore

Kentucky judge remains in jail after refusing to marry gays

September 3

Wildman Burning in Nevada - warning signs:

  - swarms of stink bugs appear (Aug 18)

  - man helping with setting up foundation dies (Aug 19)

  - strong wind creats fine desert dust sandstorm during final preparations

September 2

Quebec to send euthanasia kits to doctors

September 1

clerk defies court ruling on gay marriage

August 27

HIGH levels of Fukushima nuclear waste detected along southern California coast read here

August 26

News anchor & cameraman killed while live on air; gunman commits suicide

August 24

stock market crashes 1000 points

August 18

stock market crashes already happening in 23 nations read her

August 10

Russian war ships dock in Iran

toxic waste, including arsenic & lead leaked in to SW Colorado river, now in New exico  headed into Utah

August 9

typhoon Soudelor kills 21 in China & Taiwan

August 7

worldwide extreme weather this summer

Florida STATE of EMERGENCY in 3 counties due to FLOODING


Hawaii SNOW on 7/17

Iran 164

Spain & France 100+

Wimbledon  96

August 6

California wildfires continue in 23 locations throughout the state

August 5

worst locust plague in 30 years in Russia

       Russia Is Currently Witnessing A Sign Of The Apocalypse And It's Frightening

July 29

forest fires in California

July 27

severe "apocalyptic thunder over Russia + rainfall equaling 40% of 1 month's rain

July 26

state of emergency declared in Sinai

July 18

5th marine dies

July 17

dust storm in southern California desert - power out

July 16

4 marines shot dead on Chattanooga navy base

flooding kills 4 in Kentucky (5 missing); flooding in West Virginia

July 15

West Nile Virus in Racine, WI

Obama strikes nuclear deal with Iran while 4 US hostages still in Iran :(

July 14

Planned Parenthood accused of selling aborted baby fetus parts

July 13

storms across nation

July 8

New York City subway travelers ixexplicably stranded in stations for long periods of time

United Airlines forced to ground ALL flights after its computer system mysteriously stopped working

The New York Stock Exchange suspended trading yesterday after its computerized trading system mysteriously stopped working

More than 2500 people in Washington, DC mysteriously lost power

Commentary of Wendy Cukierski (sign-up her her newsletter here):  It seems our nation’s centers of powers are facing a mysterious and spreading collapse. You COULD wake up one morning and find the whole world is not what it was just before you went to bed.

July 7

grocery shelves empty in Greece

July 6

chaos in Greece

North Korean biochemical weapons expert defects to Finland-along w 15g of human subjects experiments data read more here

July 4

US intercepts Russian bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons off the coast of Alaska & California

July 3

rainbow Disney Castle surrounded by lightning

Lightning at Magic Kingdom

July 1

70 killed in coordinated attack by Islamic insurgents in Egyptian Sinai

June 30

Greece defaults on debt at midnight

'Bethlehem star' seen as Venus & Jupiter pass so close, they appear as 1 star

June 28

sand storm & 5.2 earthquake in Egypt

US space rocket, Falcon 9, carrying 2 tons of supplies to international space station disintegrates 2 mins. after launch

June 26

US Supreme Court defies God's law & approves homosexual 'marriage'

gunman kills 39 vacationers on beach in Tunisia

June 17

gunman kills 9 in church in Charleston, South Carolina

June 15

revealed that on May 20, a GREAT EXORCISM was performed in Mexico

June 5

currently, 40 volcanos are active worldwide !!!!!!!

May 30

2 large earthquakes in Japan

death toll hits 23 in Texas flooding

May 29

MERS spreads to China from South Korea

May 27

live anthrax sent to US labs by mistake

May 25

tornado kills 13, 12 missing in Mexico

severe flooding kills 3 in Oklahoma & Texas, 12 missing in one county

heat wave kills 500 in India as temperatures rise to as high as 118°F this past week

Peru declares state of emergency due to violent mining protests

May 23

late season freeze threatens northeast

May 22

superior of Mar Elian monastery in Syria captured by ISIS

May 19

2nd volcano erupts in Chile, Mt. Villarrica

May 17

19 tornadoes touch down in plains from Texas to Minnesota

May 12

Amtrack in Philadelphia derails - at least 8 dead, 200 injured

tornadoes and flooding in Texas and Plain states

7.3 earthquake in Nepal - more than 500 dead

May 10 - Mother's Day

70 tornadoes spread across Midwest & Plain states

3 killed &10 missing due to storms in Texas & Arkansas

May 6

tornadoes in Oklahoma

May  4

100 year old pulled from rubble in Nepal

May 3

Each fire around Chernobyl remobilizes poison read more

May 1

2 Russian nuclear capable bombers entered US airspace in Alaska last week - YIKES!

Nepal earthquake toll now at 6200

Calbuco Volcano in Chile erupts for the 3rd time in 8 days

Wildfire in Chernobyl could spread radioactive fumes

Venezula rations electricity and is now fingerprinting for medicine

Officers in Baltimore were ordered to stand down and let riots rage read more

Watergate parking garage collapses

April 30

South Sandwich Islands region ---> tsunami warning

April 26

Nepal ---> tsunami warning

April 25

7.8 earthquake in Nepal

April 20

Taiwan ---> tsunami warning

April 17

Fiji ---> tsunami warning

March 30

Samoa Islands region ---> tsunami warnings

March 29

Papua New Guinea ---> tsunami warning

New Britain region, Papua New Guinea ---> tsunami warning

March 17

In the past month (see Feb.19) there has been an earthquake, tsunami and cyclone on and around Vanuatu (South Pacific island)

February 16

Honshu, Japan ---> tsunami warning

February 11

Jujuy, Argentina ---> tsunami warning


December 21

Molucca Sea ---> tsunami warning

December 6

tsunami in Philipines ---> 600,000 flee

November 26

Molucca Sea ---> tsunami warning

November 21

Molucca Sea ---> tsunami warning

November 18

state of emergency declared in Missouri

November 16

off east coast of North Island of New Zealand ---> tsunami warning

November 15

Molucca Sea ---> tsunami warning

Sulawesi, Indonesia  ---> tsunami warning

November 6

Papua New Guinea  ---> tsunami warning

October 26

evacuation on Big Island of Hawaii due to volcano lava flow

Egypt declares emergency after Sinai attack

October 25

heavy flooding in Greece

October 16

Amber Alert - schools in Ohio and Texas close after Ebola contamination fears

October 14

Tsunami warning NWS Pacific

October 9 - Feast of St. Denis (1 of the 14 Holy Helpers - 14 saints invoked during the bubonic plague - read more)

tsunami alerts activated

October 8

US lawmakers call for State of Emergency!!! . . . meanwhile on 10/7, while on Fox News, the Director of the Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases stated that closing our borders will only help to spread Ebola.

October 2

California mayor killed by wife

September 28

Cusco, Peru ---> state of emergency decared

September 27

Ontake Volcano explodes in Japan

Fire shuts down O'Hare air traffic

September 25

more sad killings (including beheading in OKLAHOMA)

September 17

Guam ---> Tsunami Warning

Ebola - Obama sends 3000 troops to Liberia

September 16

State of Emergency declared due to flooding:

    *  La Quinta, CA

    *  Las Vegas/Clark County, NV

September 15

Hurricane Odile hits celebrity resort of Cabo San Lucas

Monsoon kills almost 500 in Northern India & Pakistan

September 14

Farmington, NM - boiled water alert

Solar storm causes aurora above Northern skies

September 13

sad times - 3rd beheading

September 12

US at war with ISIS

September 10

Rest in Peace Fr. Peter Mary Rookey

Pacific Tsunami Warning

Midwest - floods & tornadoes

September 9

India & Pakistan - 100's die after heaviest rain in 50 years

September 8

Blessed Virgin Mary's birthday (please help us Blessed Mother)

3 Earthquakes - Oklahoma (site of intended black mass)

Unidentified respiratory ailment striking children in US

Atrocities & beheading continue from Syria to Iraq

September 7

Phoenix - Massive Dust/Sand Storm

Detroit storm - 230,000 lose power

September 2

ISIS - another beheading . . . Have mercy on our world Lord

Indiana - 3 churches defiled w/Islamic slogans

August 25

Lock-down at Fort Lee in Virginia

August 22

VICTORY - satanists return concecrated Host on the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary

August 19

Iceland volcano active - mandating evacuations

Severe drought in California - 100%

Flash flooding in Phoenix

Sinkhole opens up in Indiana Dunes - area closed to public

Civil unrest continues in Ferguson

August 11

Tree at Ground Zero doesn't survive - despite attempts, the Tree of Hope dies & is silently removed  read more

2014 Massive Bee Deaths (79 mass death events in 21 countriesread here

Animals & Insects dieing mysteriously & in large quantities (463 mass death events in 68 countries)  read more here