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At Ground Zero, Hiroshima, Japan, 8 Jesuit priests survived the nuclear blast UNSCATHED!  Details here



1. Joan of Arc Chapel - Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI

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It was disassembled in France, shipped to Long Island and rebuilt. It survived a fire and then was again disassembled and sent to Marquette University for rebuilding.  It contains the stone which Joan of Arc kissed.  Architects are unable to explain why this stone remains colder than the others.

2. The Miraculous Staircase of Loretto Sante Fe, New Mexico

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In 1878, a chapel was completed, but it had no way to reach the choir loft, 22 feet up. The nuns prayed a 9 day novena to St. Joseph, patron saint of carpenters, for a solution.  On the last day of their prayer, a man on a donkey arrived with tools.  He built a staircase that had 2 - 360° turns with no visible means of support. It is truly a miraculous staircase!


1. Lanciano, Italy -  750 AD   (click here to see video)

   * 1200 year old preserved Body and Precious Blood of Jesus Christ

   * occurred when a priest who doubted the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist saw the Host turn to flesh and the wine turn to blood during the consecration at mass

   * the blood coagulated into 5 distinct parts, all of which weigh the same whether weighed together or separately

   * (to read scientific studies click here)

2. Santarem, Portugal - 1364 AD  to read more click here

    * jealous wife stole Consecrated Host for sorceress ---> she hid the Host in linen which then dripped with blood ---> she then stored the Host in a drawer which began to emit brilliant rays 

3. Bolsena, Italy - 1263 AD   for photos and story click here and here

4. Florence, Italy - 1230 & 1595 AD   for photos and story click here

    * Precious Blood left in chalice turned to flesh

    * Consecrated hosts survive fire

5. Siena, Italy - 1730 AD   for scientific studies, photos and story click here

    * thieves stole a ciborium with 351 consecrated hosts which were found 3 days later; 223 hosts  remain preserved intact to this day

6. Rimini, Italy - 1227 AD   for photos and story click here

    * mule starved for 3 days chose to kneel before consecrated host instead of eating

7. Trani, Italy - around 1000 AD   for photos and story click here

    * non-Christian woman stole consecrated host and boiled it in oil ---> Host spilled out masses of blood which spilled onto the floor and out the door

8. Veroli, Italy - Easter 1570 AD   for photos and story click here

    * angels & the Child Jesus appeared above chalice that contained consecrated host

9. Montserrat, Spain - 1657 AD    for photos and story click here

    * small girl begged abbott to say 3 masses for her deceased father and then actually saw him during each of the masses in different stages

10. Douai, France - 1254 AD   for photos and story click here

    * a priest accidentally dropped a host and when he tried to pick it up, he couldn't.

11. Canosio, Italy - 1630 AD   for photos and story click here

   * during a flood in his town, the priest processed with the Blessed Sacrament and the townspeople praying Psalm 51 and when he got to the raging waters, the rain immediately stopped & the waters receded

12. Alboraya - Almacera, Spain - 1348 AD   for photos and story click here and here

   * a priest taking Holy Communion to the sick, slipped into the river he was crossing; a short distance away, fishermen called to him as there were fish with what appeared to be hosts in their mouths

13. Chirattakonam, India - May 5, 2001 AD  for photos and story click here

    * in the Host there appeared the face of a man similar to that of Christ crowned with thorns.

14. Sokolka, Poland - 2008 AD for photos and story click on    Part I    Part II    Part III

    * Host that was accidentally dropped during Holy Communion is found with a red clot . . . upon scientific examination, it is found to be tissue from cardiac muscle.

15. Ettiswil, Switzerland - 1447 AD for photos and story click here

    * A member of a satanic sect stole a pyx with a large host.  To see how it was found, click above.

16.  Paris, France - 1290 AD  for photos and story click Part I and Part II

    * A non-believer obtained a host to desecrate it.  After stabbing it and placing it in boiling water, it rose in the air in front of him.

17.  Georgenberg-Fiecht, Austria - 1310 AD  for photos and story click here

    * During the mass, a priest was seized with temptations regarding the Real Presence of Jesus in the consecrated Elements.  Right after the consecration, the wine changed into Blood and began to boil and overflow the chalice.  It is preserved to this day.

18.  Brussels, Belgium - 1370 AD  for photos and stoy click here

     * In 1369, a rich merchant from Enghien, who hated the Catholic religion, had some consecrated hosts stolen.  He was mysteriously assinated a few days later.  His widow, surmising it was a punishment from heaven, got rid of the HOsts by giving them to friends of her husband.  These friends were also filled with hatred of things Catholic. On Good Friday, they met & began to slash the Hosts with knives and the Hosts began to bleed!

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