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Why you might choose to invest in carbon water purification (see here):

1. Filters out arsenic, fluoride, chlorine, VOC's, heavy metals, bacteria & parasites, trihalometh- anes & more.

2.Removes foul tastes & odors, rust, sediment & silt.

3. Can filter rainwater, pond water, etc . . . a necessity if there's a power failure, natural disaster, etc.).

4. Retains minerals.

5. Filters last for 6000 gallons.

6. Doesn't need electricity.

7. Very affordable @ 4¢ per gallon.

8. One time investment.

9. No more deliveries or carting home from the grocery store; no plastic leaching.

10. Available in 5 different sizes; portable.













Which Water Filtration System Is Best For You

1. Carbon Water Filtration

    * retains essential minerals

    * filters out fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals, pathogens, VOC's, etc.

    * can filter almost ANY type of water (rain, pond, river, stream, tap, well)

    * does NOT use electricity (gravity method)

    * filters last for years

    * no complicated installation

2. Reverse Osmosis

    * removes essential minerals

    * acidic water

    * important to change your filter often

3. Water Softeners  read more

    * mineals must eventually be flushed from system

    * salt must be replenished

4. Whole House Filtration

    * corrodes the galvanized metal that your ducts are made of

5. Distilled Water

    * removes only trace amounts of heavy metals

    * removes essential natural minerals

6. Bottled Water (store bought or delivered)

    * you can not be sure of what is the source of water & what has been added (fluoride) or removed (impurities, toxins)

    read more here

    read about BPA