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Easy way to encertain produce is organic, GMO or conventional:

Conventional - begins with a 4 and likely's been sprayed w/pesticides

GMO - starts with an 8 and is ususally 5 digits

Organic - begins with a 9 and is usually 5 digits

Organic Websites

Coupons & sales      click here and here

Organic juices  click here - not necessarily all organic, but good info.

Organic spies note corruption in the Organic Trade Association (CTA) click here

2015 Food Revolution Summit

Begins April 25

FREE online

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Learn from 25 of the Top Food Experts on the Planet

-90% all cancers linked to dietary & environment factors

-Learn more about grass-fed and "humanely raised

- Unhealthy American diet triples chance of Alheimers

-Learn about factory farms breeding antibiotic resistant bacteria

-What are the diets of the healthiest, longest living people groups on earth

- Crazy stuff going on in the food industry

- And a lot more









Go Organic


               Organic Brands & Companies

Amy's                                           Once Again Nut Butter

Annie's Homegrown/Naturals       Pacific Beach Peanut Butter

Apple & Eve                                 Pure Bar

Applegate Farms                          Purity Foods

Attune Foods                                Que Pasa

Bob's Red Mill                              Rudi's Bakery

CB's Nuts                                     Sambazon

Clif Bar                                         SOL Cuisine

Core Foods                                  Square Bar

Dietz & Watson                            Sunshine Burger

Eden Organic                               Sweet Creek Foods

Grindstone Bakery                       Tasty Brand

Healthy Times                               Teddie Peanut Butter

Kit's Ogranic Fruit & Nut Bars       Uncle Matt's Organic

Late July                                       Vermont Village Applesauce

Lundberg Family Farms                Vita Spelt

Mary's Free Range Turkeys          Vivapura

Murray's  Chicken                         Wegeman's Grocery Stores

Nature's Legacy                            Wehah Farms

Nature's Path                                Wild Friends Foods