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Read Psalm 91 everyday for protection; it twice mentions protection from the plague here


Read about the 14 Holy Helpers who were invoked during the Black Plague here


     The Zika Hoax  excellent short video exposing the lies about Zika and the truth about DEET . . . watch here



Plague Updates


April 19

Zika virus in Belize

Yellow Fever in Angola

Lassa Fever in Nigeria

March 1

Trinidad - 81 cases of swine flu

Ireland - 12 deaths from swine flu & 3 cases of Zika

Rajasthan, India - 34 deaths due to swine flu

Zika virus in Carribean, Pacific Islands, Brazil

February 10

Swine flu in Bangladesh, 4 deaths to date

February 9

Swine flu in Ireland

February 8

Yellow Fever in Angola

February 5

Zika virus in Mexico & Cape Verde

January 4

UN chemical weapons watchdog find traces of sarin gas in Syria

Increase in H5N6 & H7N9 cases in China

WHO releases details on 4 cases of MERS in Saudi Arabia

January 3

Brazil declares emergency after 2400 babies born with brain damage (possibly due to Zika virus)

January 1

1st case of Zika virus reported in Puerto Rico


December 30

Only 1 designated ebola treatment center left in Ohio.

December 10

Indian doctors sue Bill Gates for harming children with deadly 'humanitarian' vaccines

December 9

Statin drugs cause flu vaccines to fail read here

September 30

Saudi MERS cases increase

4 cases of Ebola in Guinea

September 24

Legionnaires disease found in 3 schools in Elgin, ILm(is acquired by breathing in infected water vapors and mists in the air. It can show up in air conditioners, showers, faucets, hot tubs, cooling towers, and large plumbing systems) read more here

September 15

14 cases of Bubonic Plague in USA this year (13 out west; 1 case in Michigan although person traveled from Colorado).

August 6

4 Blastomycosis cases linked to river tubing in northeast Wisconsin river

July 15

West Nile Virus found in Racine, WI

July 7

new mystery illness, EV-D68, linked to children's paralysis read more

July 1

Liberia reports 1st Ebola report in 3 months

MERS quarantine in Oman ends

number of MERS patients increases in Saudi Arabia

May 29

MERS spreads to China from South Korea

May 27

live antrax sent to US labs by mistake

Bird Flu just 2 mutations away from human-to-human pandemic read here

Ebola cases rise in Guinea & Sierra Leone

New Jersey traveler dies from Lassa Fever

South Korea & Saudi Arabia confirm more MERS cases

May 12

bird flu hits Indiana and Nebraska

Liberia declared ebola free


October 9 - Feast of St. Denis (1 of the 14 Holy Helpers - 14 saints invoked during the bubonic plague - read more)

October 8

US lawmakers call for State of Emergency!!! . . . meanwhile on 10/7, while on Fox News, the Director of the Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases stated that closing our borders will only help to spread Ebola.

September 17

Ebola - Obama sends 3000 troops to Liberia

September 14

Farmington, NM - boiled water alert

September 8

Unidentified respiratory ailment striking children in US