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Hallelujah (sung at a wedding) listen here


I Dreamed a Dream (from Les Miserables) listen here



King of Heaven and Earth listen here

Upper Room listen here

The Greatest Gift (we bring this to weddings to be played for the bride and groom) listen here



Thank You Lord click here to listen (start at min 2:40)

I Still Believe listen here starting at 3:45





A Boy Named Sue - Johnny Cash listen here

Are You Listening - star-studded song following earthquake in Haiti listen here

Gettysburg Battle Hymn - Michael O'Brien listen here

Listen to the song, "Karol" while watching video about St. JP II by clicking here

Love Without End, Amen - George Strait  listen here (dedicated to my dad who passed away to eternal life on Oct 30, 2013)

Memories Are Made of This - Dean Martin listen here

North to Alaska - Johnny Horton listen here (in memory of our honeymoon travel which actually was from Alaska to New Hampshire via Wisconsin)

Once Piece At A Time - Johnny Cash (hubby's request - hilarious) listen here

Rocky Top - John Denver, Glenn Campbell, Johnny Cash & Roger Miller listen here

Standing on a Corner - Dean Martin listen here

Tennessee Flat-Top Box - Johnny Cash listen here

Watching You - Rodney Atkins listen here

What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong listen here (dedicated to Don)