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Christianity is woven into our lives by words, phrases and names of people, places & things.

Did you know that beer and raisin cake (a favorite in my husband's family) are in the bible?

What about when it talks about the people worshipping GRASS-FED bullocks?  Or about the Lord providing grass for the cattle (Deut 11:15) . . . . . . . Proof that our cattle are supposed to be grass fed, NOT grain fed.

Did you ever hear of a Jesus lizard (named so because it appears to walk on water)?

Columbus' largest ship was the Santa Maria.

Sports Teams w/Christian names:  Angels, Cardinals, Saints & the Padres

In the US Capitol building you can find the following:

* a portrait of the baptism of Pocahontas

* statue of St. Peter Damien

* statue of Mother Joseph (kneeling in prayer no less)

The true origin of the word Christmas is . . . Christ's mass.




They can try to wipe Christianity off the face of the earth . . .                       but they will NEVER EVER succeed!

Try to find a town without a religious street name or even a state without a biblically named city.

San Francisco      Sacramento         Paradise Valley  

Corpus Christi      San Juan             Port St. John's, South Africa

Los Angeles         San Antonio          St. Petersburg, Russia  

St. Paul                St. Augustine        Christchurch, New Zealand

Santa Barbara      San Diego

There are 86 streets in Los Angeles named after saints, including:

San Pedro                 San Fernando

San Gabriel               Santa Monica Boulevard

Heard of these?

 - Santa Ana Winds

 - St. Valentine's Day

 - St. Nicholas Day

How about everyday phrases we use:

- Fight the good fight.               - Eat, drink and be merry.

- By the skin of your teeth.       - A drop in the bucket.

- At his wits end.                       - Can a leopard change it's spots?

- As white as snow.                   - In the twinkling of an eye.

- Living off the fat of the land.   - Scapegoat.

- Physician heal thyself.            - The apple of his eye.

- The ends of the earth.            - The root of the matter.

Ever been to the cemetary at Normandy Beach on the coast of France?  Look at all these crosses:


GREAT Conversion Stories:

1. Former Al Qaeda Muslim - Jesus appeared to him in prison   watch here

2.  Australian surfer & former atheist, Ian McCormack was stung by a deadly box        jellyfish . . . . watch here