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Have iodine tablets on hand for water purification.

You will need lg amounts of water to use for:

- drinking

- cooking

- bathing

- growing food

- medical uses such as wound cleansing

- flushing




Test the Water

In times of emergency, everyone will need water.  What is your back-up plan?

Are you planning to fill your bathtub for water (as some survivalists say to do)?  What happens when you use all of that?

Are you planning to boil your tap water or well water?  If there is no electricity . . . you will not even be able to obtain the water.

However . . . if you owned a Berkey (see here), you could obtain as much water as needed from the following sources to easily purify:

           RAIN WATER

                        POND WATER

                                    LAKE WATER

                                                  WATER FROM A STREAM