Healthy Pathways

Back to basics . . . simply & naturally!




Drink a shot of apple cider vinegar daily

Use extra virgin olive oil for cooking and baking

Switch to honey, agave, stevia, etc. for sugar substitutes


Buy herbs, spices or any food that is labeled irradiated

Drink juices made from concentrates

Reheat coffee

Drink diet soda

Use fat-free or sugar-free

Cook with teflon-coated cookware



Top 10 List To Improve Your Health

10. Switch from plastic to GLASS cookware & storage.

9. Read labels (STOP eating corn syrup, modified food starch, margarine, dyes, hydrogenated oils & ALL nitrates/nitrites).

8. Decrease soda & white foods (sugar, flour, rice, bread)

7. Increase fruits & vegy's, especially RAW.

6. Go ORGANIC (especially foods grown in the ground; buy aluminum & fluoride free).

5. Try raw milk & invest in GRASS FED beef.

4. Take vitamin D & omega 3 supplements.

3. STOP using the microwave.

2. Use sea salt (Himalayan or Eden).

1. Drink LOTS of water that's REALLY filtered, but not overly so (reverse osmosis takes all the minerals out & makes the water acidic; order alkaline Berkey system here).

Disclaimer - always consult your doctor before taking any new vitamins or supplements, especially if pregnant, nursing or for children.