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Polysorbate 80 & 20


Latex rubber



Aborted fetal cells

There's NO SUCH THING as a safe vaccine - every shot contains toxic chemicals!

Vaccines - Learn the Risk

Did you know that the US gives 3 times more childhood vaccines than most developed countries, yet we have the sickest children?  Not a coincidence!

Examples of childhood illnesses:

ADHD                  brian damage                    epilepsy

Alzheimers        childhood diabetes           food allergies 

arthritis              childhood leukemia          lupus

asthma               developmental delays      tics

autism                eczema

Vaccines contain toxic chemicals that do NOT belong in our bodies, such as

aluminum - known to cause brain and developmental delays

formaldehyde - (known to cause cancer in Humans.

Doses of Vaccines for US children from birth to 18 years:

1983 - 24 total doses

2016 - 72 total doses . . . YIKES!