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Fasting is powerful because it BLINDS satan (see writings of Elizabeth Kindermann).

Mark 9:29 "This kind can only come out by prayer and fasting."


Every 'Sanctus' that you pray sanctifies the place where you stand and the time in which you stand."

 Opus Angelorum   prayer card


Bless Your Loved Ones

Told by Fr. Hampsch at a conference:  Parents of a child with Down's Syndrome asked him how they could help their child.  He told them to each bless their child every day.  They did so and after awhile, the child was mainstreamed in school and the Down's features 'lessened' over time.

Is it also possible that if we bless the pictures of loved ones, that they will reap spiritual benefits from our blessing? There is a haggardly  tree with few if any leaves a few miles from our house.  We bless it when we drive past & after 5+ years, 3/4 of it is full of leaves.


Lost something?  Ask St. Anthony, he can find ANYTHING! Read here about St. Anthony's bread.  Click here for litany & hymn of St. Anthony.  











ist francis

Weekly Insight

October 4 - Feast Day of St. Francis of Assissi

Lord, make ME an instrument of YOUR peace . . .

  where there is hatred, let me sow love (rise above) . . .

      where there is doubt, faith (lead by example) . . .

   where there is despair, hope (pray 4 Max who attempted suicide) . . .

       where there is darkness, light (pray 4 those without God

   And where ther is sadness, joy (comfort, empathy, offer a joke if appropriate).

October 2

Instead of participating in gossip or barking back at someone or complaining, remember the 15 second rule:

Keep quiet for 15 seconds (some things may take longer) and offer it to Jesus.  You'll feel better later!

October 1

Yes, offer it up, as St. Theresa said, for the love of Jesus".

So when the store clerk irritates you, quietly offer it up.

When your husband or daughter/son is pushing your buttons, offer it to Jesus.

When you're collecting your things before getting out of the car and a huge SUV pulls up next to you, so close that you can't possible open your door and get out, close your mouth, clasp your hands together, find a different parking spot and offer it up.

It's not 'all about the bass', it is about saving souls!

September 30

There's nothing worse than wasted suffering . . . offer it up!

September 22

Lesson learned during pilgrimmage with the 101 Foundation:

St. Fenton was blessed to be able to talk to his guardian angel. One day, his guardian angel left him for awhile. When his angel returned, St. Fenton asked him why he had left him. His guardian angel stated that there was someone holier than he that needed him. St. Fenton then asked his angel to tell him about this person's holiness so that he could practice this virtue. The angel said to do these  things:

1. Never complain.

2. Never say anything in a person's absence that you wouldn't say in his presence.

3. Never say a harsh or unkind word in someone's presence.

September 6

Our team leader for our mission trip to Haiti has a philosophy of:

     Appreciate everything . . . expect nothing!

Wise advice!

August 24

Problems with inlaws?  hubby?  wife?   children?   coworkers?  Disagreements?  Are you being badgered?  Insulted?  Made fun of?  Left out?  Not visited?  Put down?  Etc.


Give it to the Lord and let Him handle it!  Continue to pray for those who hurt you, persecute you, insult you, etc.  Our God is a just God and those souls need salvation.  Pray for them!

August 17

Everything that happens to us is from God, even bad things, because God allows them.  Everything that happens to us is a chance for grace, especially the bad!

from Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence:

"It is then a truth of our faith that God is responsible for all the happenings we complain of in the world and, furthermore, we cannot doubt that all the misfortunes God sends us have a very useful purpose . . .

Let us imagine our confusion when we appear before God and understand the reasons why He sent us the crosses we accept so unwillingly.  The death of a child will then be seen as its rescue from some great evil had it lived, separation from the woman you love the means of saving you from an unhappy marriage, a severe illness the reason for many years of life afterwards, loss of money the means of saving your soul from eternal loss . . .

We trust ourselves to a doctor because we suppose he knows his business.  He orders an operation which involves cutting away part of our body and we accept it.  We are grateful to him and pay him a large fee because we judge he would not act as he does unless the remedy were necessary, and we must rely on his skill.  Yet we are unwilling to treat God in the same way!  It looks as if we do not trust His wisdom and are afraid He cannot do his job properly.  We allow ourselves to be operated on by a man who may easily make a mistake - a mistake which may cost us our life - and protest when God sets to work on us."


"Do not let ourselves be troubled when we are sometimes beset by adversity, for we know that it is meant for our spiritual welfare and carefully proportioned to our needs, and that a limit has been set to it by the wisdom of the same God who has set a bound to the ocean . . .

God is faithful, says the Apostle, and will not permit you to be tempted (or afflicted) beyond your strength, but it is necessary for you to be so, since through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God in the steps of our Redeemer . . . "


Feast of St. Joseph - March 19

go here for prayer intentions at St. Joseph's Oratory in Montreal

The Litany to Saint Joseph for the Dying

For private use only.

Lord have mercy on us.
Christ have mercy on us.
Lord have mercy on us. Christ, hear us.
Christ, graciously hear us.
God, the Father of Heaven,
have mercy on us.
God the Son, Redeemer of the world,
have mercy on us.
God the Holy Ghost, etc.
Holy Trinity, one God,

St. Joseph, foster father of Christ,
we beseech thee, hear us.
St. Joseph, patron of the dying,
we beseech thee, hear us.
Obtain for him (her) forgiveness of his (her) sins,
we beseech thee, hear us.
Obtain for him (her) great patience,
we beseech thee, hear us.
Obtain for him (her) a perfect resignation,
we beseech thee, hear us.
Obtain for him (her) a living and unshaken faith,
we beseech thee, hear us.
Obtain for him (her) a firm confidence,
we beseech thee, hear us.
Obtain for him (her) ardent charity,
we beseech thee, hear us.
Avert from him the attacks of the enemy,
we beseech thee, hear us.
Protect him from the temptations that assail him,
we beseech thee, hear us.
Preserve him from despondency and despair,
we beseech thee, hear us.
Obtain for him the grace of Jesus Christ,
we beseech thee, hear us.
Assist him and do not abandon him,
we beseech thee, hear us.
Come to his aid in his weakness,
we beseech thee, hear us.
Assist him in his abandonment,
we beseech thee, hear us.
Obtain for him a happy death,
we beseech thee, hear us.
Obtain for him a merciful judgment,
we beseech thee, hear us.

Conduct his soul to the vision of Jesus,
there to obtain mercy for him. Amen.


"In an ecstasy, a saint has seen the body of St. Joseph preserved intact in a tomb, the site of which is yet unknown. The more the glorious spouse  of the most Blessed Virgin Mary is honored, the sooner will the finding of his body take place, which will be a day of great joy for the Church."

[Words of Fr. Paul of Moll, 1824-1896, from Father Paul of Moll,
by Edward van Speybrouck, p. 238]

An ancient tradition states that the tomb of St. Joseph, now empty, is in the Valley of Josaphat. St. Jerome, on the other hand, was of the opinion that St. Joseph's tomb is within the boundaries of the Garden of Gethsemane.

[Source: The Life and Glories of St. Joseph, by Edward H. Thompson, pp. 409-410]

The answer to this mystery remains exactly that to this day.


Blessed St. Patrick's Day - March 17

St. Patrick, pray for us!


Shrove Tuesday, February 17 - Feast of the Holy Face

go here for devotion

Daily Prayer for February, Month of the Holy Family
February 1, 2015 to February 28, 2015

O Most Loving Jesus, Who, by Thy surpassing virtues and example of Thy home life, did hallow the household in which Thou chose to live while on earth, mercifully look down upon our families, whose members humbly prostrate before Thee and implore Thy protection. Remember that we are Thine, bound and consecrated to Thee by special devotion. Protect us in Thy mercy, deliver us from danger, help us in our necessities and impart to us the strength to persevere always in the imitation of Thy Holy Family. So that by serving Thee and loving Thee faithfully during this mortal life, we may at length give Thee eternal praise in Heaven.

O Mary, dearest Mother, we implore thy assistance, knowing thy Divine Son will hearken to thy petitions.

And do thou, most glorious patriarch St. Joseph, help us with thy powerful patronage and place our petitions in Mary's hands, that she may offer them to Jesus Christ.     Amen

From the 1925 prayerbook "Blessed Be God" by Fr. Charles Callan OP & Fr. John McHugh, OP


                                  Novena to Our Lady of Lourdes                                                        February 2, 2015 to February 10, 2015

O Ever Immaculate Virgin, Mother of Mercy, health of the sick, refuge of sinners, comfort of the afflicted, thou knows my needs, troubles and sufferings. Deign to cast upon me a look of mercy. By appearing in the grotto of Lourdes thou was pleased to make it a privileged sanctuary from which thou dispenses thy favors. Already many sufferers have obtained the cure of their infirmities, both corporal and spiritual.

I come therefore, with unbounded confidence, to implore thy maternal intercession. Obtain, O Loving Mother, the granting of my requests.....

(mention your request)

I will endeavor to imitate thy virtues so that I may one day share thy glory and bless thee in eternity. Amen.

O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

Blessed be the Holy and Immaculate Conception of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God.

Holy Virgin Mary Immaculate, Mother of God and our Mother, speak thou for us to the Heart of Jesus, Who is thy Son.

Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us.

(Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be)


Run the Ironman with Me

One day a son asked his dad if he would run a marathon with him.

The father replied, "yes".

The son asked his dad again if he would run another marathon with him.

The father again replied, "yes".

The son then asked his dad if he would run the Ironman with him . . . go here for the rest of the story.


Winter Blues ----> try an at home bible study

January is a great time to start a bible study at home.  Here are a few great sources:

1. Jeff Cavins - The Great Adventure Bible Study series (Quick Journey - click here)

2. Jeff Cavins - The Bible Timeline series (Timeline; longer, more in depth version of The Great Adventure - click here)


The Holy Name of Jesus


St. Andrew Novena - November 30 through Christmas

It is piously believed that whoever recites this prayer 15 times a day from the feast of St. Andrew (Nov. 30) until Christmas will obtain what is asked.   go here for prayer



Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Archbishop Fulton Sheen used to say that most tend to look upon prayer the same way that a pilot looks upon a parachute. He always keeps one with him. He knows that it is there. He hopes he will never have to use it and he will only use it in an emergency, but, other than that, he will ignore it.

This is the way many people tend to look upon prayer. They will only turn to God when they want something for themselves or when some crisis comes up in their lives. Once they get what they want or their troubles blow over, they stop praying altogether. God will not hear from them again until the next crisis.

St. Fenton

Dr. Rosalie Turton of 101 Foundation tells the story of St. Fenton who was blessed to be able to talk to his guardian angel.  One day, his guardian angel left him for awhile. When his angel returned, St. Fenton asked him why he had left him. His guardian angel stated that there was someone holier than he who needed him.  St. Fenton then asked his angel to tell him about this person's holiness so that he could practice this virtue. The angel said to do these 3 things:

1. Never complain.

2. Never say a harsh or unkind word in someone's presence.

3. Never say anything in a person's absence that you wouldn't say in his presence.

Dr. Rosalie has a newsletter that is definitely worth getting @ $2/issue. Click here. She even has a few free items you can order from her catalog. You can also 'borrow' videos and audios from her for a nominal initial deposit fee (she pays shipping 1 way and you pay it one way). To check out her website, 101 Foundation, click here. We advise you to get the catalog b/c it shows a lot more that the website.

Dr. Rosalie, we love you!

September 17 - Feast of the Stigmata of St. Francis



September 14


Trivia Question - What kind of cake is mentioned in the bible?

A. Pineapple upside-down cake                                 

B. Turtle Cheesecake

C. Rum Cake

D. Raisin Cake

The answer is raisin cake.  In Hosea 3:1 it says, " Even as the Lord loveth the children of Israel, though they turn onto other gods & love cakes of raisins.  It is also found in 1 & 2nd Samuel, Isaiah, 1 or 2 Chronciles, Songs of Songs, etc.


September 13 - Earthquakes & the upcoming black mass

Oklahoma has been having frequent earthquakes recently, including 3 separate ones on Sept 8.  On the usdipole website (see here) it lists the latitude & longitude of the earthquakes at almost the exact site of the Oklahoma Civic Center where a black mass is planned on Sept 21.


September 5 - Bl. Mother Teresa

While in a van en route to a meeting, Mother Teresa called out, "Jesus has fallen, Jesus has fallen, stop the van".  She ran to a leper laying in the street and while comforting him, told the others to go on ahead to the meeting while she took care of the man.  The sisters said no and stayed to help Mother and the man.  Oh that we may see Jesus in everyone & when need be, scrap our plans for God's plans.  Amen Amen.


August 31 - Saint Raymond Nonnatus (patron of expectant mothers & midwives)

There are 86,400 seconds in a day. Make sure you use one of those to talk to God and thank Him for everything!  Once, on a pilgrimage to Italy, we stopped in Pompeii to visit the Shrine of the Most Holy Rosary.  While my husband was writing petitions in a book, a seminarian who had mysteriously joined our tour at San Damiano, stood next to him.  My husband said, "I don't think we thank Jesus enough".  The 'seminarian' replied, "thank you".


August 10/11 - St. Philomena, virign & martyr, patroness of the impossible for her shrine in Mugnano, Italy click here


The Month of July - Month of the Precious Blood

July 1 - Feast of the Most Precious Blood  read more

*** read here about life-changing story of Paphnutius (related to the Most Precious Blood)


Consecration of the Human Race to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Most sweetJesus, Redeemer of the human race, look down upon us humbly prostrate before Thine altar. We are Thine, and Thine we wish to be; but, to be more surely united with Thee, behold each one of us freely consecrates himself today to Thy most Sacred Heart. Many indeed have never known Thee; many too, despising Thy precepts, have rejected Thee. Have mercy on them all, most merciful Jesus, and draw them to Thy most Sacred Heart.

Be Thou King, 0 Lord, not only of the faithful who have never forsaken Thee, but also of the prodigal children who have abandoned Thee; grant that they may quickly return to their Father's house lest they die of wretchedness and hunger.

Be Thou King of those who are deceived by erroneous opinions, or whom discord keeps aloof and call them back to the harbour of truth and unity of faith, so that soon there may be but one flock and one shepherd.

Be Thou King of all those who even now sit in the shadow of idolatry or Islam, and refuse not Thou to bring them into the light of Thy kingdom. Look, finally, with eyes of pity upon the children of that race, which was for so long a time Thy chosen people; and let Thy Blood, which was once invoked upon them in vengeance, now descend upon them also in a cleansing flood of redemption and eternal life.

Grant, O Lord, to Thy Church, assurance of freedom and immunity from harm; give peace and order to all nations, and make the earth resound from pole to pole with one cry: Praise to the Divine Heart that wrought our salvation: to it be glory and honour forever. Amen.


Today, June 25, 2014 is the 33rd anniversary of Medjugorje.


Corpus Christi Sunday - June 22

John 6:58 - "This IS the bread that came down from heaven. Unlike your ancestors who ate and still died, whoever eats this bread will live forever."


Holy Trinity Sunday - June 15

The Lord showed St. Augustine that it is impossible to fully understand the Trinity. However, we should still contemplate this mystery & seek to better understand:

St. Patrick used the analogy of the shamrock . . . 3 sections, 1 plant.

St. Joseph of Cupertino used the analogy of a tunic folded in 3's.

Another analogy is a musical chord, composed of 3 notes.

June 15 is also the feast day of St. Vitus (St. Guy), one of the 14 Holy Helpers (see below to read more about the 14 Holy Helpers).  St. Vitus, his nurse, St. Crescentia & his tutor, St. Modestus were tortured & killed (by Diocletian & St. Vitus' father) for not renouncing their Christian faith.  How's that for a happy father's day?  Patron of actors, comedians, dancers, epileptics, storms & Bohemia.



 Come Holy Spirit, come by the means of the powerful intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, your well beloved spouse!


Picture/reflection above Pope John Paul II's plane when it landed in Baltimore after his visit to NY (see below).


Do you know who the Holy Helpers are?

The Fourteen Holy Helpers are a group of saints venerated together in Roman Catholicism because their intercession is believed to be particularly effective, especially against various diseases. This group of Nothelfer ("helpers in need") originated in the 14th century at first in the Rhineland, largely as a result of the epidemic (probably of bubonic plague) that became known as the Black Death.


Name (Alternate) Feast  Day
Agathius (Acacius) 8 May Against headache
Barbara 4 Dec Against fever and sudden death
Blaise (Blase, Blasius) 3 Feb Against illness of the throat and for protection of domestic animals
Catherine of Alexandria 25 Nov Against sudden death
Christopher (Christophorus) 25 July Against bubonic plague and dangers while traveling
Cyriacus 8 Aug Against temptation on the death-bed
Denis (Dionysius) 9 Oct Against headache
Erasmus (Elmo) 2 June Against intestinal ailments
Eustace (Eustachius, Eustathius) 20 Sept Against family discord
George (Georgius) 23 April For the health of domestic animals
Giles (Aegidius) 1 Sept Against plague, for a good confession, and for cripples, beggars and blacksmiths
Margaret of Antioch 20 July During childbirth, and escape from devils
Pantaleon (Panteleimon) 27 July For physicians, and against cancer & tuberculosis
Vitus (Guy) 15 June Against epilepsy, lightning and for protection of domestic animals


Feast of St. Rita ~ May 22

patroness of the impossible

Intercessory Prayer to St. Rita

(for a special intention)

Holy Patroness of those in need, Saint Rita, you were humble, pure and patient.  Your pleadings with your divine Son are irresistible, so please obtain for me from our risen Jesus the request I make of you: romention your petition here. Be kind to me for the greater glory of God, and I shall honor you and sing your praises forever.  Glorious Saint Rita, you miraculously participated in  the  sorrowful  passion  of our Lord Jesus Christ. Obtain for me now the grace to suffer with resignation the troubles of life, and protect me in all my needs.  Amen.